Top Tips for a Tight Flight Connection

Whether your inbound flight was delayed or you just had to book that great deal that included the tight connection, we’ve all experienced the panic of rushing through the airport to make your next flight. While we can’t give you a magic formula to whisk you to the gate in a matter of seconds, here are some useful ideas for getting to your next flight more efficiently (and with less stress!)

  • Plan ahead!

Take some time in advance of travel to look at the layout of the terminal you are flying in to and establish where your next flight will be leaving from. That way, you won’t need to waste valuable time jostling for position in front of flight departure boards or looking at confusing airport maps once you arrive, so you’ll be able to head straight in the direction you need without any costly delays.

  • Don’t be tempted to check your email

The same goes for messages, missed calls, or any other communication that may have come through whilst you were in the air. This can cause you to become distracted and get caught up in work whilst you could be using the time to navigate to your next flight. Try to resist the temptation to check your phone or laptop until you’ve at least arrived at the gate for your next flight, or even on board the airplane itself.

  • Have drinks and snacks ready to go

Don’t waste time joining never-ending lines for coffee or a snack once you get to the terminal – either buy in advance so you can bring snacks and drinks with you or wait until you board the plane. It might not be ideal if you are desperate, but you need to remind yourself what’s more important – a morning coffee or catching your flight!

  • Use an airline app

Many airlines will offer free access to their app or mobile site if Wi-Fi is available on board the plane. That way, you can check on the status of your connecting flight whilst you are in the air for free. You’ll know of any delays or gate changes in advance so you can be as efficient as possible once you land.

  • If in doubt – ask!

Don’t run around the terminal if you unsure of where your next flight departs – just ask an airline representative so you get a quick answer without spending valuable minutes trying to figure out any confusing information you may have seen. Most incoming flights to hub airports will have an airline representative positioned at the gate as you arrive so you can quickly get the information you need about your connecting flight without having to search for help.

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