Why You Should Take Your Team with You on Your Next Business Trip

If you manage a small team and regularly travel for business, you may have considered taking them along to share the experience and expand their professional experience. Here are the reasons you should be doing it, and why it will help your business grow.

  • It is a good bonding opportunity

Business travel offers a great opportunity for you and your team to get to know one another better on a more informal, personal basis. Spending time traveling, meeting clients, and having dinner in a new city can be intense but allows you to focus on different scenarios and experiences than may usually come up in an everyday office environment. This will allow your team to work better together and also work harder for you if they feel you have invested time and money into their development.

  • It will expand your team’s knowledge

Putting your team members in new situations with clients, suppliers, or potential customers will quickly expand their knowledge base and experience. Without these learning opportunities it is difficult for them to grow professionally, and is an effective way for them to understand the sharp end of the business.

  • It will prepare them for solo travel

A first solo business trip can be daunting, so by taking your team altogether you will be showing them what to expect and easing their anxieties over any future travel. This will be good for you, too – instead of having to take on every business trip yourself you can confidently start to send members of your team in your place, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your role.

  • You’ll get to know their strengths and weaknesses better

Putting your team members in new (and potentially challenging) situations is a great way to get to know how they handle the pressure. It will also allow you to get to know them on a different level to a usual office environment that may highlight other attributes you hadn’t identified previously.

  • They’ll get to meet clients and suppliers face-to-face

If your team regularly deal with particular clients or suppliers that you visit regularly, taking them with you on the trip will allow them to build a stronger professional relationship and work more effectively together in the future.

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