How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of year again where thoughts turn to setting resolutions for the year ahead. That’s often the easy bit, but how do you go about actually keeping them? Follow our top tips below to help you stick to all your New Year’s resolutions and have the best year yet!

–          Tell someone about them

One sure fire way to help you stay on track is by sharing your resolutions with others. Knowing that other people will be following your progress and will make a judgment if you fail to achieve what you have set out to do can prove to be a strong source of motivation! It needn’t be fear of judgment from a distance that drives you forward though – confide in your close friends or family and ask them to send you encouragement, check on your progress from time to time, and generally be there to listen and provide advice at any sticking points. That way, you’ll also be more likely to seek support if you hit a tough spot rather than giving up altogether.

–          Be realistic

Setting resolutions can be a fun way to look forward to the possibilities open to you in the year ahead, but try not to get too carried away. Be realistic about what you can reasonably achieve and set yourself goals that are not overly ambitious or so numerous that you are setting yourself up to fail. It will only demotivate you if you are unable to achieve what you had hoped, so whilst you can’t expect to meet every aspect of every resolution you set for yourself, try to give it some careful thought and be ambitious but not unrealistic.

–          Be persistent

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t immediately achieve all the things you set out for 2018! Life will inevitably throw other obstacles in your path, and you may even have to adjust or reset your resolutions altogether – be open to this, but also be persistent in pursuit of your goals. Nothing worth having was ever gained with zero effort, so if you experience a setback, try to focus on the positives, get back up, and quickly get your focus back on what you want to achieve.

–          Acknowledge your achievement

You’ll find yourself far better motivated to stick to your resolutions and reach any goals you have set for yourself if you promise to reward your achievements as you go along. Think of desirable rewards in advance and promise yourself that you will only allow yourself these rewards once you have reached a certain milestone. They don’t have to be large or extravagant, but pick something that you will be willing to work for to give yourself sufficient motivation to go after it. Once you have rewarded yourself a couple of times, you will start to move towards your other resolutions with renewed vigor too!

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