Where to Find the Best Coffee in Philadelphia

When you need the perfect morning pick-me-up to ready yourself for the day ahead, then great coffee is your answer. Read on for our guide to the best coffee shops you’ll find in Philly.

  • Rival Bros

These stylish coffee bars were founded by Philadelphia natives and lifelong friends Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi and offer a selection of house-roasted blends and single-origin beans selected by expert roaster Damian. The coffee bars feature stripped-back, industrial chic décor and serve traditional drip coffees as well as espresso-based beverages all using beans specially roasted daily in the Rival Bros. own Frankford area roastery. If you can’t get enough of the coffee here, you can even pick up a bag of their beans to brew yourself at home or back in the office.

  • La Colombe

There are 5 La Colombe locations to choose from across the city, so coffee-lovers can enjoy the exceptional beverages that have been served up to Philly’s discerning coffee lovers for the past 20 years, no matter what area they might find themselves in. The Fishtown flagship is well worth a visit if you can – the former warehouse space is large and open, with soaring ceilings and a buzzing atmosphere around the clock. Check back later in the day to sample their special coffee-infused craft rum for an extra kick with your caffeine!

  • Elixr Coffee Roasters

Originally founded in 2010, Elixir Coffee now has 3 locations around the city to choose from and specializes in unique, lighter-roasted coffees. This is high-quality stuff, with recent accolades including 2016 and 2017 US Roasting Competition Finalists, one of Business Insider’s 50 Best US Cafes, and Best Coldbrew in America. A bustling, hip space that is perfect for catching up on some work while sipping on truly exquisite artisan coffee.

  • Grindcore House

This trendy South Philly favorite runs a completely vegan menu, offering coffee served up with every type of non-dairy milk you can imagine, including coconut, almond, soy, and rice. They also serve an inventive selection of vegan sandwiches, donuts, and pastries that have turned this local spot into a hit destination for the city’s coffee lovers and foodies alike.

  • ReAnimator

Visit ReAnimator’s Kensington location to enjoy a truly unique experience – the entire ground floor is open so coffee aficionados can see the whole roasting process right in front of them as they make their selection. The team is committed to supporting and sustaining the coffee producers from whom they source their specialty beans, traveling regularly to locations such as Ethiopia and Guatemala to better understand the process. ReAnimator is also passionate about imparting this knowledge to their customers so that they too can better appreciate the hard work of the communities around the world who plant, harvest, and process the beans.

Whatever your favored coffee spot in the city, let our Philadelphia car service get you there so you’re ready to start the day off right. Whether you’re on your way from the airport or off to an important business meeting, our chauffeurs will make sure you get your caffeine-fix, so you can sit back and relax with your favorite brew in comfort and style.

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