Exton limo service

Finding the right limousine service can be a challenge especially around Philadelphia. And some of the other cities like Reading and Lancaster can be challenging too. A good limousine service has several key ingredients in its customer service genes. The first ingredient is a courteous and knowledgeable reservation staff. Our Exton limo service is on point thanks, in part, to our reservation center. Our Chauffeurs are another key ingredient in our successful business model. All of our chauffeurs are professionals. They know how to deal with traffic and congestion. Our cheerful chauffeurs are familiar with driving in inclement weather as well as driving through one of Pennsylvania’s congested cities. And our luxury fleet of well-maintained vehicles is another essential ingredient in our success.

Dynasty is the Pennsylvania limo service that specializes in fully-equipped, top-of-the-line six and eight passenger limousines. Making a trip to Philly’s airport, or going from one city to the East Coast to another is a relaxing treat for our clients. They are able to work while our chauffeurs show them what top-notch limo services looks and feels like. Dynasty Limousine does a lot of corporate business, but we also are on the top of the list when a prom night, homecoming, graduation or school trip is in the development stage. Our package deals and special services make us the go-to limo service in the greater Philadelphia area. And we are always ready when a client needs a break and wants to get away to New York or Atlantic City.

Our limo service also has an excellent city tour reputation, and our wedding packages are the bomb, according to the clients that constantly send new clients our way. Plus, taking advantage of one of our night on the town packages in one of our comfortable, reliable, chauffeur driven limos is the way to start the party for Millennials as well as for the folks that just need to clear the stress and anxiety out of their lives. Our party buses are hard to beat. And the stretch limos we service regularly give people a sense of royalty on the party circuit.

The Philadelphia Eagles are riding high, but a trip to the wine country with a couple of friends in one of our luxury SUVs or fully loaded vans or buses will make you feel you won the lottery. We make sure we have a vehicle for every kind of limousine request. Our strong executive staff, as well as our chauffeurs, work as a team to make every trip one to remember. That may sound like a lot of marketing smoke to some people, but we stand behind those words. We believe quality, safety, reliability and paying attention to the small details is the only way to succeed in the limousine business. Our customer service motto is, “be on time all the time” because we know time is money for our clients.

Some of our clients call us a world-class limousine service, and for a good reason. We give our clients what they want and then we give them more when they need it. No request goes unanswered, and that includes the requests our chauffeurs get when they are behind the wheel of one of our luxury vehicles.