Why You Should Take Your Team with You on Your Next Business Trip

If you manage a small team and regularly travel for business, you may have considered taking them along to share the experience and expand their professional experience. Here are the reasons you should be doing it, and why it will help your business grow.

  • It is a good bonding opportunity

Business travel offers a great opportunity for you and your team to get to know one another better on a more informal, personal basis. Spending time traveling, meeting clients, and having dinner in a new city can be intense but allows you to focus on different scenarios and experiences than may usually come up in an everyday office environment. This will allow your team to work better together and also work harder for you if they feel you have invested time and money into their development.

  • It will expand your team’s knowledge

Putting your team members in new situations with clients, suppliers, or potential customers will quickly expand their knowledge base and experience. Without these learning opportunities it is difficult for them to grow professionally, and is an effective way for them to understand the sharp end of the business.

  • It will prepare them for solo travel

A first solo business trip can be daunting, so by taking your team altogether you will be showing them what to expect and easing their anxieties over any future travel. This will be good for you, too – instead of having to take on every business trip yourself you can confidently start to send members of your team in your place, freeing you up to concentrate on other aspects of your role.

  • You’ll get to know their strengths and weaknesses better

Putting your team members in new (and potentially challenging) situations is a great way to get to know how they handle the pressure. It will also allow you to get to know them on a different level to a usual office environment that may highlight other attributes you hadn’t identified previously.

  • They’ll get to meet clients and suppliers face-to-face

If your team regularly deal with particular clients or suppliers that you visit regularly, taking them with you on the trip will allow them to build a stronger professional relationship and work more effectively together in the future.

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Best Couple activities in Philadelphia

Finding exciting couple activities to engage in is not difficult in the City of Brotherly Love. The city gives you numerous options of date night idea for that romantic night. It ranges from the most romantic activities to the most luxurious ones. These are the best couple activities in Philadelphia.

The ideas below offer an exciting adventure with your sweetheart.

Riverside Ice skating and Dining.

A romantic way to start your date would be to glide across the ice at the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest with your partner. The Moshulu that’s just up the river can provide you with refreshment when you get hungry.

Not only do you get delicious food with crave-worthy cocktails at the Moshulu, but the beautiful view is also sure to steal your breath.

Partner Yoga, Thai Massage, and Thai Food

Enjoy lighthearted partner yoga at Maha Yoga and follow it with stress- releasing Thai massage. That’s not all right up to the street; you’ll find Erawan Thai Cuisine for that perfect BYOB experience. Finally, bring your evening to the romantic peak at the Hotel Palomar, a couple of blocks away from dinner.

Art and Dinner

If you are a lover of art, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to enjoy a vast collection of American, Renaissance and Impressionist art. There is also the blockbuster exhibition to make you and your partner swoon.

Next, head to Umai Umai for a romantic dinner in the Japanese restaurant. It’s just a couple of blocks away from the museum. Enjoy their deliciously fresh Sushi and designer rolls.

Tango with Your Partner

There are many couple activities that afford you and your partner an opportunity to learn. One of such is taking a tango class together at the Society Hill Dance Academy. You don’t need experience or reservation to participate. The dance academy offers 45 minutes introduction to

  • Salsa
  • Cha-cha
  • Foxtrot
  • Rumba
  • Tango

After sweating it out on the dancefloor, reward yourself with a Southern-Inspired meal at the Twisted Tail. They serve various food, ranging from pork shank with creamy polenta to crawfish mac and cheese.

Hot Air Balloon Date

Give your partner a better view of southeastern Pennsylvania from a hot air balloon courtesy of The United States Hot Air Balloon Team. You can either choose to watch a beautiful sunrise or a romantic sunset with your sweetheart.

If you are back in time for dinner, consider the 18th century Black Bass Hotel just down River Road, Lambertville.

Theater and a Weekend Getaway

Consider staying a whole weekend at the Hilton Hotel Philadelphia Center City and enjoy the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies served on arrival. Breakfast in bed is always something to look forward to.

And if you and your partner get bored, drop by the Arden Theatre Company to witness the curtain rises on the latest production. It could be an exciting and romantic weekend getaway.

On a Final Note

There are tons of couple activities to enjoy in Philadelphia; you just need to be open to new experiences. Most importantly, you need the type of transport that fits the fairytale date you want. Consider our Philadelphia car service.

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6 Best Amenities to Look Out for When Booking a Hotel for a Business Trip

Traveling for business can be interesting and invigorating, but all that time spent away from home or the office can you leave you hankering for ease and convenience. Below are our pick of the top 6 amenities you should look out for when booking a hotel to ensure you have a productive – and enjoyable – business trip.

  • A good restaurant

Most hotels will offer facilities to grab a quick dinner, but dining services can be quite basic, and often the selection of food offered is limited to meals that can be easily heated up by employees. Try searching for hotels that promote their restaurant as a separate entity open to non-guests and use chefs to prepare real meals. Many hotels will have a well-known chain attached that will also be reliable for a bite to eat.

  • Room service

If you are getting in to your hotel late after a long journey the thought of getting out again and searching for something to eat can be off-putting, so check your hotel has good room service options that run 24-hours so you can get comfy and place an order to be delivered straight to your room whenever you might be ready to eat.

  • A gym

Regular business travel can wreak havoc with your workout regime, so check your hotel has a good gym that you can use to maintain your fitness whilst you’re away from home, particularly if you are going to be away for longer periods of time and sitting at a desk most of the day.

  • Laundry service

This is a real godsend for longer stays, and most hotels will now offer this service in some form or another so you can keep your clothes fresh and work-ready. It may be that you bag up your clothes and send them with the concierge to be laundered, or many long-stay hotels now offer self-service washing facilities so you can take care of your laundry at a time that suits you and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Pool and spa

During a stressful, demanding business trip you deserve some R&R, so look for hotels that have a pool, sauna, and steam room facilities so you can relax and unwind after the pressures of the day. If the hotel offers spa facilities then book yourself in for a stress-relieving massage to help ease the tensions of your trip and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you.

  • Office area

If you need to work on an important document or even just check email while you are away from your usual workplace then a designated office area in a hotel can be a real advantage, especially if you would rather keep your room a designated work-free zone. Many will include desktop computers (in case you don’t want to drag a laptop around on your travels) and printing facilities.

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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Philadelphia

When you need the perfect morning pick-me-up to ready yourself for the day ahead, then great coffee is your answer. Read on for our guide to the best coffee shops you’ll find in Philly.

  • Rival Bros

These stylish coffee bars were founded by Philadelphia natives and lifelong friends Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi and offer a selection of house-roasted blends and single-origin beans selected by expert roaster Damian. The coffee bars feature stripped-back, industrial chic décor and serve traditional drip coffees as well as espresso-based beverages all using beans specially roasted daily in the Rival Bros. own Frankford area roastery. If you can’t get enough of the coffee here, you can even pick up a bag of their beans to brew yourself at home or back in the office.

  • La Colombe

There are 5 La Colombe locations to choose from across the city, so coffee-lovers can enjoy the exceptional beverages that have been served up to Philly’s discerning coffee lovers for the past 20 years, no matter what area they might find themselves in. The Fishtown flagship is well worth a visit if you can – the former warehouse space is large and open, with soaring ceilings and a buzzing atmosphere around the clock. Check back later in the day to sample their special coffee-infused craft rum for an extra kick with your caffeine!

  • Elixr Coffee Roasters

Originally founded in 2010, Elixir Coffee now has 3 locations around the city to choose from and specializes in unique, lighter-roasted coffees. This is high-quality stuff, with recent accolades including 2016 and 2017 US Roasting Competition Finalists, one of Business Insider’s 50 Best US Cafes, and Best Coldbrew in America. A bustling, hip space that is perfect for catching up on some work while sipping on truly exquisite artisan coffee.

  • Grindcore House

This trendy South Philly favorite runs a completely vegan menu, offering coffee served up with every type of non-dairy milk you can imagine, including coconut, almond, soy, and rice. They also serve an inventive selection of vegan sandwiches, donuts, and pastries that have turned this local spot into a hit destination for the city’s coffee lovers and foodies alike.

  • ReAnimator

Visit ReAnimator’s Kensington location to enjoy a truly unique experience – the entire ground floor is open so coffee aficionados can see the whole roasting process right in front of them as they make their selection. The team is committed to supporting and sustaining the coffee producers from whom they source their specialty beans, traveling regularly to locations such as Ethiopia and Guatemala to better understand the process. ReAnimator is also passionate about imparting this knowledge to their customers so that they too can better appreciate the hard work of the communities around the world who plant, harvest, and process the beans.

Whatever your favored coffee spot in the city, let our Philadelphia car service get you there so you’re ready to start the day off right. Whether you’re on your way from the airport or off to an important business meeting, our chauffeurs will make sure you get your caffeine-fix, so you can sit back and relax with your favorite brew in comfort and style.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

It’s that time of year again where thoughts turn to setting resolutions for the year ahead. That’s often the easy bit, but how do you go about actually keeping them? Follow our top tips below to help you stick to all your New Year’s resolutions and have the best year yet!

–          Tell someone about them

One sure fire way to help you stay on track is by sharing your resolutions with others. Knowing that other people will be following your progress and will make a judgment if you fail to achieve what you have set out to do can prove to be a strong source of motivation! It needn’t be fear of judgment from a distance that drives you forward though – confide in your close friends or family and ask them to send you encouragement, check on your progress from time to time, and generally be there to listen and provide advice at any sticking points. That way, you’ll also be more likely to seek support if you hit a tough spot rather than giving up altogether.

–          Be realistic

Setting resolutions can be a fun way to look forward to the possibilities open to you in the year ahead, but try not to get too carried away. Be realistic about what you can reasonably achieve and set yourself goals that are not overly ambitious or so numerous that you are setting yourself up to fail. It will only demotivate you if you are unable to achieve what you had hoped, so whilst you can’t expect to meet every aspect of every resolution you set for yourself, try to give it some careful thought and be ambitious but not unrealistic.

–          Be persistent

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t immediately achieve all the things you set out for 2018! Life will inevitably throw other obstacles in your path, and you may even have to adjust or reset your resolutions altogether – be open to this, but also be persistent in pursuit of your goals. Nothing worth having was ever gained with zero effort, so if you experience a setback, try to focus on the positives, get back up, and quickly get your focus back on what you want to achieve.

–          Acknowledge your achievement

You’ll find yourself far better motivated to stick to your resolutions and reach any goals you have set for yourself if you promise to reward your achievements as you go along. Think of desirable rewards in advance and promise yourself that you will only allow yourself these rewards once you have reached a certain milestone. They don’t have to be large or extravagant, but pick something that you will be willing to work for to give yourself sufficient motivation to go after it. Once you have rewarded yourself a couple of times, you will start to move towards your other resolutions with renewed vigor too!

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Best Ways to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Philadelphia

new year's eveNothing starts the New Year off better than gazing up at spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky, and Philadelphia’s dazzling displays will make sure 2017 goes out with a real bang! Gather with friends and family to watch one (or both) of this year’s displays, held at 6pm and again at midnight, in one of these fantastic locations around the city.

  • Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

For family fun and a whole lot of festive cheer head down to the Blue Cross Winterfest which is held right at the waters’ edge for an incredible view of the fireworks over the Delaware River when the clock strikes midnight (or 6pm!) The Winterfest offers special New Years’ Eve skating parties on the picturesque ice rink along with plenty of food, drink, and live entertainment to help you welcome in the New Year. The family-friendly festivities start with a party at 5pm to welcome 2018 with an early firework display, and another adults-only bash begins at 10pm with drinks and merriment on offer right into the night.

  • Hilton Philadelphia at Penn Landing

There are no less than four separate events to choose from to ring in the New Year at the Hilton, perched perfectly on the riverfront for some of the best views of the two firework displays. Gather the family and head down for the celebrations in the Hilton’s ballroom kicking off at 4pm and featuring a buffet dinner for all ages, or opt for the late-night dinner reception which begins with a lavish meal served at 9pm, panoramic views of the firework display at midnight, and a lively dance party until the small hours.

  • Cruise ships

There are several cruise ships offering the opportunity to set sail and watch as the fireworks shimmer over the river, with the cityscape providing a truly magical backdrop to the celebrations. The Spirit of Philadelphia offers two cruise options featuring dinner, dancing, and unparalleled views of the fireworks at 6pm and again at midnight. Alternatively you could board the historic Moshulu sailing ship or Battleship New Jersey for an equally stunning view of the pyrotechnic delights on offer without leaving the dock!

  • One Liberty Observation Deck

For a very different angle on the firework displays, why not head up Philadelphia’s tallest attraction to view the 6pm fireworks from a unique sky-high vantage point. Alternatively, get your glad rags on for the 21-plus black tie event that begins at 9pm and runs right through until 2am, featuring equally incredible views of the midnight display along with complimentary hors d’oeuvres, an open bar, and tunes spun all night from one of the city’s top DJs.

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Philadelphia Christmas Lights Tours

The weather might be frightful, but the Christmas lights of Philadelphia are delightful – so why not let our friendly, professional chauffeurs take you around all the festive fun this holiday season. With our luxurious Philadelphia car service, you can treat the whole family to an afternoon they won’t forget as you cosy up with your nearest and dearest and get ready for the holidays. Our Christmas Lights tours are completely customizable to suit your needs, but in case you want some ideas to get you started here are our picks of the most impressive light displays to see in Philadelphia this festive season.


  • Deck the Hall Light Show at City Hall

Right up until January 1, 2018 Philadelphia’s beautiful, historic City Hall comes alive with a spectacular light display during the evening hours for the very first time. The show uses state-of-the-art projectors to illuminate the building with incredible animation, all specially choreographed. The show is completely free and happens every hour on the half hour, starting at 5.30pm, and even more frequently at weekends. After each show City Hall remains lit in colour to highlight the stunning architecture.


  • Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest

During the winter season, Penn’s Landing is transformed into a stunning Winterfest with attractions to keep all the family happy along with a sparkling display of over 100,000 lights strung all around the park. The impressive tree at the heart of the grounds even boasts a Bluetooth-controlled display of over 40,000 lights that sparkle in different colors and sequences along to festive-favorite music. Whilst you’re there why not take a spin around the Olympic-sized ice rink with gorgeous views of the Delaware River, grab a bite to eat at The Lodge Restaurant and Bar, or cozy up with homemade hot chocolate at The Franklin Fountain Confectionary Cabin. The Winterfest runs daily right through until March 4, 2018.


  • Comcast Holiday Spectacular

Now in it’s 10th year, this is a holiday lights display with a difference – the show utilizes a giant, high-resolution LED screen to project a 15-minute holiday spectacular featuring members of the Philadelphia Ballet along with festive scenes of the local countryside and the city skyline as seen from an aerial sleigh ride, all set to the music of The Nutcracker and festive favorites such as Carol of the Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, and The Twelve Days of Christmas. The shows run daily at the Comcast Center lobby, on the hour from 10am through 8pm (excluding weekdays at 5pm), up until December 31. You can also catch the show one last time on New Years Day between 10am and 6pm.


  • Miracle on South 13th Street

To experience the true reason for the season, look no further than the 1600 block of South 13th Street in Philadelphia, where local residents bedeck the neighborhood in thousands of twinkling lights in a show of true community festive spirit. For over 12 years visitors have flocked to the neighborhood now famous during the holiday season as the ‘Miracle on South 13th Street’.  As well as the beautiful displays you might also bump into some familiar faces, with Santa, the Grinch, and a whole host of Snowmen all lined up for a visit – bring a camera to be sure to get a snap! The lights on the block will be shining bright until the first week in January.

Top tips for successful corporate entertainment

corporate entertainmentOrganizing a corporate entertainment event is an excellent way to show your clients how much you appreciate their custom, but how do you really capitalize on all the time, energy, and money you might be pouring in to such an event, and how can you make sure it is truly successful? First off, know what you are hoping to achieve, then read on to understand how you can give your clients the best experience possible.

  • Research what your clients enjoy

This is a key aspect when organizing any kind of corporate entertainment, but it is often overlooked in favor of what is easy or cheap. Make sure you do some groundwork on your clients’ interests and their likes and dislikes, so you can ensure that you organize an event that is sure to impress (and certainly not offend!) Find out their favorite restaurant in town then take them there for a slap-up meal, or take them to watch their favorite sports team play at the local stadium.

  • Have fun!

Another essential part of any corporate event is that it should be fun, both for you and for your clients. If you are both enjoying the activity or event, it will lower barriers between you and allow you to develop a more meaningful relationship with your customers through these shared experiences. Save the serious talk for the boardroom and make sure that your time is spent enjoying the event along with each other’s’ company.

  • Try something a bit different

There are certainly plenty of events or activities that you can organize for your clients in order to help your business stand out from the crowd. The world of corporate entertainment is a booming industry as organizations look for more interesting and innovative ways to impress their customers, so you’re sure to find something in your local area. Rather than the usual sit-down dinner, why not treat them to a cooking class, a drinks mixology demonstration, or a group sporting activity instead? Your clients will appreciate your innovative ideas and it will help distinguish your business from the rest.

  • But don’t try too hard to impress

Keep in mind that you don’t want to go overboard with innovative corporate entertainment events – as tempting as it might seem to book that event or activity that you and your group of friends can’t wait to do, this might not necessarily be your client’s idea of a good time. Always put their needs first and make sure you don’t try too hard to be ‘different’ just for the sake of it. You want your clients to remember your event for the right reasons!

  • Use a luxury car service

A sure-fire way to impress your clients during a corporate entertainment event is by booking our luxurious Philadelphia car service. When it comes to your clients only the best quality will do, and our service won’t let you down. Our chauffeurs are professional and reliable, so you can trust us implicitly to make sure your clients are transported in the upmost comfort and style to whatever destination you choose.


Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

thanksgivingThere are plenty of activities to tempt you out of the house and shake off the post-Thanksgiving food-induced slump this holiday season in Philadelphia. Check out our top picks below to find an event near you that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy.


  • Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Park

This stunning ice rink is located right in the heart of the city, and this will be the fourth season that skaters will be invited to enjoy skyline views as they whisk their way around the ice in front of historic City Hall. Once you’re ready to warm up after a good skate, the Rothman Cabin located just on the top corner of the rink will be on hand to provide you with warm seasonal cocktails as well as craft beer and a variety hot food options. Admission to the rink is $5 for adults and $3 for children under 10, but skate hire comes at an additional $10 per pair, so bring your own if you have them!


  • Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

This Philadelphia tradition is proud to call itself the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the US, now in its 98th year. Marvel at the giant balloons and incredible decorative floats marching along the city’s streets with a while host of performers, including dance groups, marching bands, choirs, and surprise special guests – even Santa himself will be making an appearance! Wrap the kids up warm and head down early to one of the prime viewing spots on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the south side of Eakins Oval, or Logan Circle alongside Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The parade starts from 20th Street and JFK Boulevard at 8.30am.


  • Christmas Village in Philadelphia

A European-style market featuring over 80 stalls selling a variety of unique, hand-crafted items for the holiday season along with delicious food and drinks to enjoy whilst you stroll around this pretty market based in JFK Plaza. There is live entertainment and festive music daily to keep you in the holiday spirit, and the market is just a stone’s throw from some of the other popular city center attractions such as the ice rink at Dilworth Park and the Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market which features all-local designers and craftspeople selling their hand-made wares.


  • Franklin Square Holiday Festival

Head down to Franklin Square to witness this incredible display of twinkling lights and other festive treats completely free of charge. The Electrical Spectacle Holiday Lights Show features more than 50,000 lights set to a soundtrack of classic holiday tunes. There is even a 12-foot kite that rises above the square’s main fountain, glittering with lights. The light shows take place every 30 minutes between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and 4pm and 9pm on weekends, but there are plenty of other events and activities to enjoy while you’re there including Santa visits, live music, carousel rides, and even make-your-own s’mores and hot beverages served around fire pits.


Whatever Thanksgiving activities you choose, make sure that the difficulty of transportation doesn’t hold you back and treat your friends and family to our luxurious Philadelphia car service – no parking, no hassle, and no designated driver required!

Top Picks for a Fun Family Day Out in Philadelphia

philadelphiaWith so much to see and do in Philadelphia it can be hard to know where to start – below are our picks of the best the city has to offer to give you some great inspiration for planning the perfect family day trip.


Franklin Institute Science Museum

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, the museum was originally established in 1824 and is one of the most celebrated in the US. There is a daily schedule of fun and interactive activities and demonstrations that the whole family will enjoy – from live dissections to 3D printing to awe-inspiring IMAX movies. The museum also houses two new immersive Escape Rooms where you are transported to a fantastical world to solve a range of puzzles before time runs out! If you plan to visit before March 4, make sure you catch the special Terracotta Warriors exhibition, which showcases life-size statues constructed over 2,000 years ago in China. Make sure to download the Augmented Reality app before you visit for the full experience.

Independence National Historical Park

This park preserves some of the most important historical sites in the US that are linked to the American Revolution and the founding of the nation back in the 18th century. Start your visit at Independence Hall and see the very room where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were both signed. After this, a short walk across the street will take you to the Liberty Bell Center where you can view this famous symbol of liberty and explore a range of special exhibitions on the founding of the bell. Finally, take a visit to the Benjamin Franklin museum and learn all about the fascinating life and work of one of the United States’ Founding Fathers.


Philadelphia Zoo

Famous as the first zoo in the US, this 42-acre site is home to over 1300 animals, many of which are rare and endangered species. You can plan your trip using the interactive tool on the zoo’s website to make the most of your visit – you can even email, save, or print your itinerary to take with you on the day too. Make sure to check out one of the special keeper presentations to learn more about the animals, watch them feed, and have a chance to ask questions, with demonstrations ranging from Humboldt Penguins to Giant Tortoises to African Lions.


Please Touch Museum

Located in Philadelphia’s Centennial District, this kid-focused museum turns the old ‘Do Not Touch’ concept completely on its head. Here visitors are encouraged to get hands-on and interactive with exhibits that include the Statue of Liberty constructed entirely from toys, a chance to ride on a restored vintage 1908 carousel, or to take a trip through the rabbit hole into Wonderland. There are special theatre performances, sing-alongs, and a Story Castle all offered daily. Adult visitors can also marvel at the historic architecture that houses the museum, originally built as the art gallery for the Centennial International Exhibition in 1876.

To make the day truly special, why not book our Philadelphia car service for a unique and fun surprise? Our friendly chauffeurs will whisk you around all the sights and destinations of your choice in luxury and comfort, so you can be sure your family will get an experience they’ll never forget.